September is Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month!

It is so hard to believe that twelve years ago we entered this club no one ever looks to join.  The “Childhood Cancer Affected Us Club” is definitely not something I would seek out, but I’m thankful for all at the same time. Twelve years? Has it been so long since that life changing day … Continue reading

Wordy Wednesday – Books to Review In My Mailbox!

Nothing like getting books to review. Even better is nerdy books to review. And even better than that? Children’s nerdy books to review! How it started: I reviewed the way awesome adult (not that kind of adult!) picture book, Zombie Cat.  Next thing I knew, boom, I heard from the artist! As it turns out, … Continue reading

Talk About Not Back to School

The day after Labour Day brings much rejoicing throughout the land. School begins, parents breathe a sigh of relief, and the yellow school busses fill the roads. Drivers become wary of school zones and kids groan as it is time for pencils, notebooks, lockers, and gym. For a growing subculture the rejoicing is for different … Continue reading

Talk About Parenting Right: My Son Saved the Tri-Force From Axe Fireman

It’s just your typical Sunday morning around Casa Oz.  I’m debating what skull skirt to wear and while two teen boys raid the kitchen and empty cabinets of food before Church. Little did we know an epic battle would soon ensue. It started with Caramon.  He spent a hard week training, hoping to hone those … Continue reading

Menu Plan Monday…A Return to Sharing Menus!

I miss sharing my menus and thought maybe I’d do another Menu Plan Monday.  We all know how hard it is to get creative with menus and strive to get “out of the rut” so to speak and these blog posts really help me with that. Some things changed around my little Kingdom in regards … Continue reading

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