On Vox: Dreams

A dream, a life And yet the two do not entwine. A dream, a chance of what may be, A life is but the reality. Dreaming, my desires are forseen. Living my desires are but memories. Memories of a life I could have had. Dreams are for the young, But why not for everyone? Life … Continue reading

Love Thyself – Wisdom of Socrates

**LJ Idol Season 4 Week 12 Entry: Most Annoying Personality Trait** Life grants me a gift I eagerly and greedily claim my own.  A gift that is illusive to many, and desired by all. That gift is Time.  So what have I done with this gift?  Hang it on my wall to admire it?  Show … Continue reading

On Vox: Treasure Island – A Review

  Treasure Island (Enriched Classics Series) In my childhood I read Treasure Island and enjoyed it immensely.  Reading it along with my kids this much has given me a new appreciation for the classics, though I think that every time I reread something of this caliber. The beautiful language combines with a strong story that … Continue reading

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