Prayer for a Peaceful Home

Working towards making my home a haven… what an undertaking!  As you remember, for week 1 I needed to get a large candle to burn. I love the smell of a fresh candle! Yummy! Every time I spied it, I needed to offer a prayer for peace in my home. We are a busy family with a lot going on, so peace is always a good thing to pray for!

I chose a square, cream candle given to me by a friend. I don’t know why I let it sit so long. I think part of me just thought it was too pretty to burn. That’s just silly! I’m sure my friend gave me this to invite the warm spirt that a flickering candle brings to a home.

Each time I saw the candle burning, I tried to take a calming breath and say a small prayer for peace, just like the challenge requested. Let me tell you, I needed it a lot this past week. Sometimes weeks just take on a life of their own.  Yup, that was this past one. The good news is that when those weeks come, they do eventually end and you can try a fresh start the next week.

Did I get stressed? Of course. However, by the end of the week when I felt that pressure coming, I looked over at my flickering candle and felt my frown “turn upside down”. Cheesy, but true.

The thing that I noticed was the effect on my boys. Living with two wild and wacky boys that are teenager types, peace proves difficult on most days. They mean well, but they put the “boy” in “boy-sterous”. The two asked me about my candle and just got super involved. They actually lit the candle for me and made sure to put it out before we left. (Good thing, we went to an activity and it was quite a while before I remembered the candle! Yikes! Bad mom!)

Did they pray for peace or think about peace or anything of the sort? I honestly don’t know. I hope so. I think a home could use more than one person praying for peace in the home. Especially true these days with everything going on in the world. The every day world of bullies, troubled economies, inflation, and the list goes on and on.

With so much turmoil, where can we turn for peace? The home.  It is supposed to be our escape from the cares of the world. Yet it is hard to leave those worldly cares at the front door step.  We carry the weight of our trials over the threshold and into the home. My family is just as guilty of this as any other.

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2 Responses to “Prayer for a Peaceful Home”
  1. Charlotte says:

    I’ve been really working on my own tone this last week and have seen a lot of progress (unfortunately I had a long was to go). I like the idea of playing peaceful music at least once a day. There is a CD I’ve been thinking of buying that might fill this bill. I’m going to give it a shot!

    • Lady Ozma says:

      I have SO far to go that it isn’t funny. But, I’m trying. I’m just plugging along. I know I need to be more peaceful…

      I also glommed onto this idea of peaceful music. It can truly make a difference. I grew up in so many ballet classes that classical music is a love of mine. I look back and think about how hectic my life was then, yet I didn’t feel near as hectic as mine. I wonder if some of it had to do with having that time with good music. Probably more like better attention to my calendar, but you know…

      Share about this CD! :)

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