Wordless Wednesday – Heart Edition

So I’m such a slacker. I totally took these pictures last night and then forgot to make a blog entry. Duh!

Anyway, so I don’t really do the whole February 14th thing. I’m just not a fan of forced love. However, I have softie male-types and they got all cute.

My dinner – Chef Joram and Presenter Caramon collaborated and I ended up with this:

rice in a heart shape, fish kind of heart shaped

That's right. hearts. Take that!

FYI, in case you want to know what’s up with that heart-shaped rice, it’s rice with Old Bay. You know what makes rice better? Old Bay.

Also, someone happened to leave this hidden in my desk drawer before taking a business trip that had him gone for the faux-i-day:

caramel trio of ghirardelli!

Chocolate + Caramel = AWESOME

That’s right. ┬áMy male people are filled with awesome.

Be jealous.

–Lady O

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