In My Mailbox: Ravencon Edition

Yeah yeah yeah, April. Sorry I vanished from the blogosphere. But I’m back, I hope, and ready to start rolling out with some stuff I’ve needed to document! So here’s my latest in the crazy internet meme to showcase new books that have come into your home!

Sadly, I haven’t STARTED any of these books.

I went a little hog wild. Maybe. But you know, there were just so many good books! Some I meant to get for a while and just hadn’t, others I will fully admit to getting the sales pitch and caving on.  One I wanted solely because it was short-listed for the Compton Crook and I wanted to say, “I had this book before it won!” Just you know…in case. Typically I find those books when the fifth book in the series comes out or whatever. Which is sad since I am at Balticon every stinking year.

That’s the price I pay for participating in the Masquerade!

First, apologies. I’m lazy. A few previous books snuck in. I’m not taking a new photo. I’m using this as a reminder that maybe I should finish said books!


Fair Game – Patricia Briggs. Sadly, I’m behind on the Alpha Omega series. Love it, just behind as always!

Secrets of the Sands and Guardians of the Desert by Leona Wisoker. Ok, so I knew this author before she got published. I love her. She’s a great lady. Her books sound really cool. The bad news: I know there are more to come and I really like the idea. Can I subject myself to reading these two when I have to wait forever to get more? Let’s just say her crack chapter well… yeah… they’re called crack chapters for a reason, people.

The Shadow of the Sun by Barbara Friend Ish. I went to a panel this woman was on. She intrigued me. I saw the Compton Crook logo. Sold.

Flutter and Anointed by Zachary Steele – Impulse buys while i was buying the above three books.  I like it when people play on things and I like end of the world stuff. This looked like a play on the end-times. Saleswoman, well played. Well played in deed.

Coven and Twisted Tails – yeah you remember those from before. They do not count. Except as a reminder to read!

So there you have it… more of my ever growing pile of books. Just be glad you don’t see all the ebooks I get. Thanks a lot Amazon.

I’d ask you to feel sorry for me but this is my life-saving plan. You see, I cannot die when I have all these books to read. At this rate, I figure I’m going to live to be 487.

–Lady O

2 Responses to “In My Mailbox: Ravencon Edition”
  1. 1pjd says:

    I, also, have a ridiculous pile of books to read. So, when you’re 487, I ought to be 30-35 years older than you. Maybe we can room together at the nursing home, and share books? It will keep us going another couple centuries at least!!

    I like Patricia Briggs, too. Read both the Alpha/Omega series and also Mercy Thompson. She’s good! Many of these others I’m not familiar with. Oh well, I’ll catch them at the nursing home!

    • Lady Ozma says:

      I can get behind room with you at the nursing home and sharing books. We’ll have to do something. And hey, I can go for living longer!!!!

      I really need to find the second alpha and omega novel and read it. I’m such a slacker. I haven’t hardly read this year at all and I thought I’d be able to now, but it’s not looking any better. I think I’m going to find all my short and easy looking books and see if I can blow through them. LOL

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