Wordless wednesday – spazzy edition!

Check out what came in the mail today! Thanks again to the Sick Pups of NJ! -lady o

Wordless Wednesday: Davey Jones forever

davey jones inspired my kid’s sloppy hair? Not really, but for today it works. Sing with Whitney in Heaven, Davey!

Wordless Wednesday – Joram’s Creations

Joram wants to make a cloak. What does that mean? Apparently it means he does this: I have no idea why he’s tracing his pattern taped to a wall. I decided he’s the genius and sometimes you just need to let a genius work. –Lady O

Wordless Wednesday: One-L

My family is a little…different. It’s what makes us who we are. This year, while setting up Christmas decorations, someone got the brilliant idea to do this with our Christmas stocking hangers: That’s right. In December we see many people stating they have “No El”. ┬áBut around here we are blessed to have “One L”. … Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday: FHE Tree Trimming FTW

Late today because we had to wait for family night! :) I used the same as my WW post over at my photography site because well… this was just what I was feeling! –Lady Ozma

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