Menu Plan Monday…A Return to Sharing Menus!

I miss sharing my menus and thought maybe I’d do another Menu Plan Monday.  We all know how hard it is to get creative with menus and strive to get “out of the rut” so to speak and these blog posts really help me with that. Some things changed around my little Kingdom in regards … Continue reading

Pinterest Thursday: Quotes & Why Pinterest Rocks Collecting

In high school I collected quotes. I filled notebooks with quotes or small poems that I loved or felt inspired by. I’m not amazingly artsy, so I just tried to write them as neat as I could. Once in a while I’d try my hand at calligraphy, but my calligraphy ninja skills = not so … Continue reading

Pinterest – How did I manage menus without you?

A while back, my beloved Pinterest gave us ‘Pinaddicts’ the glory of “Secret Boards”. These boards allow us to pin things for ourselves and not the rest of the world.  I’ll admit, I looked at the announcement and thought, What on earth am I going to do with that? Let’s face it. There’s not a … Continue reading

Pinterest Success Once More!

It’s time for a third round of Pinterest success stories! Huzzah!  Missed number 1 or number 2? Feel free to check them out! I’m cruising around my Pinterest and wondering what I can do next when I decided to bite the bullet and make some mixes. Admittedly, I didn’t make as many as I wanted to, but … Continue reading

Pinterest Thursday – I Made That Pin 2!

It’s Pinterest Thursday and I’m going to feature a few other pins that I’ve completed. I have to say, of all my internet obsessions, I think Pinterest is my favorite. I’ve gotten so many cute/fun/tasty ideas and it’s been an adventure trying them out! Have you followed through with completing something you’ve pinned? Let me … Continue reading

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