OMG see this telescope? See it? That is my brand new telescope I won! I won that! It was the GRAND PRIZE! I never win anything cool. Usually it is something I already have or can’t use. Like coffee. I’m allergic to coffee. ROFL

OK, here’s the story. I am a space nut. While in Arizona we bought a very flimsy, very cheap telescope. But it worked great to see the moon which is why we wanted it. And for some other larger things out there in space because Arizona has great great viewing conditions. Close to the equator, not tons of lights, cleaner skies, not very cloudy… you name it. Well here in Ohio it doesn’t do us much good at all. ROFL. I was in this local Camera store last month because I heard they had telescopes and that they did sidewalk skywatching every now and then. So I went to get info. They were doing one last night. So I even arranged to take my Webelo’s pack. Let me tell you, one kid showed up. But Caramon’s school pack was going so I took him as well. So I get there and find out they are having a drawing. So I figure, “Why not” and go and enter the drawing. They are giving away tshirts, mugs, and a telescope. I figure to myself that if I win anything it would be the mug or something. But I probably wouldn’t win. Well tonight I get the call.

“Yes is this LadyOzma?”
“Yes it is, who is this?”
“This is ____ from McAllister Camera.”
“I was calling to tell you that you won…”
Here I groan and think to myself “Yay won a Celestron coffee mug or something… ”
“the telescope.”
“I won… the TELESCOPE????”
“Yes, the Celestron Nexstar 80GT.”
“Wait, I won THE TELESCOPE?????”
“Yes ma’am, it’s a really nice telescope.”
“So let me get this strait… IIIIII won the TELESCOPE????
She laughs and says “Yes you did!”
“I’m sorry I’m gushing, I’m just in disbelief!!!!”
“Could we get your picture to use for publicity when you come in to get the telescope?”

You are giving me a free telescope and you want to know if you can have my picture. By golly yes! By all means!

They open at 10. I can’t wait. I totally can’t wait!!! I WAY CANNOT WAIT! I just wish I knew how to get ahold of the people in Caramon’s pack! ROFL

Oh here is the link to my new telescope!! 🙂