Caramon had a soccer game today. He did great. He ran all over the field. At one point he had the ball and got it to the other side! Yay Caramon! He is just loving soccer! The first half of the game he was offensive and the second half he was defensive. He did sit part of the second period out to let another kid get to play.

Today they took team pictures and individual pictures. So we ordered some. I also snapped some of my own and will post them as soon as I have them off the camera. Caramon was very cute!

Caramon’s team is the Orange Buckeyes. Don’t ask. We didn’t come up with it! He just loves playing! His team did lose by three points today but Caramon had so much fun! Which makes us happy of course! The fun is the most important thing!

After that we cruised into a stamp show (like postage) and then came home. Now we are taking it easy but the kids are going to be going out soon to play.