The answer is no.

Deadline is here. I had given until 8 this morning so that I would know how I was doing this morning before stuff started happening. *SIGH*

The time is now 8:17 AM and there were absolutely no funds posting last night after I went to bed. 😦

Darn it. I do still have until they arrest me at 1 pm. I’ll be home around 12:00 to check things out. That’s less than four hours. Less than five till when they come to throw me in county lockup.

It was good knowing you all. ((HUGS)) My time in jail will serve good. I will try to help those children as much as possible but I think it is fairly obvious I will not be able to use my get out of jail free card!! 😉

So here’s the stats….
Bail Set At: $2100
Bail Envelope Has: $216
PayPal has: $176.32
Bail Total: $392.32
Bail Still Needed: $1,707.68

Feel free to try to get your friends to donate still, but now the time is short. They would have to all go NOW!!!

I have already hidden a stainless steel spon in my sock. So hopefully I will be able to dig my way out and break out of jail!!

((HUGS)) Thanks to everyone for their help. I really appreciate it!! This has been a little manic… but lots of fun! (My blog will most likely be really boring starting tomorrow! HAHA…

Hmmm maybe I’ll try to do one of those nifty phone entries to update my progress halfway through the day… HAHAHA Would someone want to transcribe it? (I don’t even know the number…) (*small update* Went and set up the phone in entry thingy. I’m counting on friends to be able to transcribe if I end up making a post! HEHE)

Feel free to donate! The MDA thanks you and so do I!

$10 donation

$20 donation

$30 donation

$50 donation for those really big hearted spenders out there!

Thank you for your donation and please feel free to forward this to anyone to help out! The children thank you and so do I!

Feel free to use this graphic and link back!