I just wanted to say that I would appreciate any votes that you might want to cast my way! I’m in Tribe 1, AKA The Dorkies.

While you are at it, if you could post a vote for my buddy that got me to sign up, Sir Caliban, I’d appreciate it as well. He’s in Tribe 2, AKA The Nerdies.

Tribe 3 is AKA the Geekies.

There are some great posts there. Some really wonderful ones. These are some wonderfully talented people! The ones I have begun to interact with are really cool. So while I did this on a lark, figuring I wouldn’t be around long, I am happy I signed up. I would suggest some you should read, but the list is already growing too long and I know you are all busy and voting closes midday today.

THank you again!

–Lady O