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While most reality shows send their contestants for fun filled trips to the Vegas Strip or Mexico to see what excitement flares up, not LJ-Idol. This week those in the LJ-Idol House found themselves crammed onto a bus headed for The Magic Kingdom.

“Oh my gosh! When clauderainsrm told us we were going to Disney World, I just couldn’t believe it! I’ve always wanted to go!” libra_dragon exclaimed while jumping up and down, hugging everyone around her.

A flurry of excited packing commenced and within the hour the contestants lined up in front of their charter bus. No one knew just how they would fit on one lone bus, but that is the magic of reality shows.

“It was so crowded, and the bus smelled like feet the entire way to the park!” golden_sands reported. “But, we didn’t care. It was like being in high school again, going on a field trip.” Her favourite memory from the trip was the entire group singing the theme song from “The Mickey Mouse Club”.

“Thank goodness for gnomeangel‘s cookie exchange, or we might have starved,” remarked katybean. “The bus didn’t stop once!”

The bus pulled up to the gates of The Magic Kingdom, and everyone poured out. Most notably attired was spydielives, adorned in self-made full pirate wench garb. Would her costume hold up to the quality found within the park?

Casual visitors to the park stopped to snap photographs with their favourite LJ-Idol participants, amazed at their luck. Many of the gathered viewers gave shout-outs to those they liked the most. “After the last month of following the adventure online, I can’t believe I got to meet you, ewok_626” one fan stated with tears in her eyes.

Finally, the time came, and the park doors opened for the restless LJ-Idol crowd. Pushing and shoving their way into the park, they stared in awe at the castle until shay_writes shouted, “Hey! There’s Mickey Mouse!”

Every head turned to see the world’s most beloved rodent and the race was on. Leading the pack were none other than sircaliban, lacombe, and rosepurr. Beating them all to Mickey, however, was kithan riding on ladyozma‘s Superhero Pony.

Most surprising for all was the sight of a button on Mickey Mouse’s shirt, reading “LJ-Idol: Home Game Player”.

–Lady Ozma

*Disclaimer* The above is only as factual as you want it to be. Those participants used here were done for fun only as there dedication to LJ-Idol led me to believe they would be amused. I only wish I could have found some way to include everyone from LJ-Idol. You are all wonderful. Feel free to post a comment to tell us what you did while at Disneyworld!