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I just heard about Mailbox Monday. I wish I’d known about it before since I keep buying books this year! Expect a few more of these before the year is over, what with Borders going out of business and all!

What IS Mailbox Monday? In My Mailbox is a blog meme to showcase what books came into your house. You don’t have to have a mailbox to participate. Any books count! IMM inspiration props to  Alea of Pop Culture Junkie and hosted by The Story Siren.



Books from my great bookstore sale!

Shown in the picture:

James Patterson’s “Witch and Wizard” graphic novel – We chose to pick this up for the same reason we got the Daniel X Manga. We’ve seen this series popping up time and time again. This looked like a fun way to sample it!

“Charmed” – Yes that’s the graphic novel based from the “Charmed” comics that came out not that long ago. I’m a “Charmed” nut as many might remember. I knew I had to have this. I love “The Book of Shadows” at the beginning that takes you quickly through the TV show seasons and the major players.

“Mercy Thompson: Moon Called Volume 1” – I’ve already read it. There’s a review coming, I promise. I just had to have it because I love the Mercy books THAT much!

“Brody’s Ghost” by Mark Crilley – I really liked “Miki Falls” and yes, I’m the type of person that reads the author’s remarks in a book. I don’t know why, I just do. I don’t feel a book is complete without that! Crilley spoke of this work and so when we found the first volume it wasn’t even a question if we would pick it up.

“Thirst” Volumes 2 and 3. My mother got me the first one of these a few weeks back. These are actually omnibuses with something like three books in each volume.  I’m not a huge Pike fan, but when you can get books for that cheap, why not? My mother said she read these when they first came out, so we’ll see. They aren’t moving up my read list or anything at this point.

Not shown in the picture:

Some weird camping disaster type book. I’m not touching it. That was Sir Megabyte all the way.  Look, I’m not even giving you the title.

“Magnificent 12: The Call” by Michael Grant. This e-book is the free one from Barnes & Noble this week. I really liked Gone and so I figured I’d nab it. Besides, the kids might like it. I like that when they do something like this, they give you the FIRST book.

So that’s four books to add to my “On the floor” pile and five to read. (I’m not kidding. I read the Mercy one as soon as we got home.)

Good thing I’m revamping these bookcases soon. I need more space.

–Lady Ozma