Well for starters I had to do my regular stuff this morning. You know, dishes, take care of the kids, that sort of thing. But this afternoon I had to go to the Sister Missionaries to be with them for an appointment. I think it went well. I hope so! I love working with the Sisters. Afterwords I dropped them off into a neighbourhood to go tracting.

I picked up my friend amethyst75 and brought her over. It was kind nice as I was kind of lonely. I miss my hubby who is in NYC today and tomorrow.

Tonight, since hubby was gone, I made yummy BBQ chicken. Mmmmm how I love BBQ chicken! Silly hubby won’t eat it. But everyone enjoyed it. Mmmm. I wish I had made more! HEHE

I think tonight I’m going to watch JAG reruns. Surely there is a good one on CBS tonight. 🙂 Right now I’m gonna chat with my hubby over the internet. Isn’t it so wonderful that we have the internet to save us long distance calls?