I hate repeats. I love new shows. So imagine my excitement to hear that tonight on CBS there would be three all new shows? Yahoo!

Tonight’s line up stars my Harm in JAG. Awesome show. I love this show and it doesn’t hurt that I like the guy who plays Harm. (OK I also like the guy who plays the Admiral too!) Handsome and good actors. Now I must admit I’m a sucker for a sappy love story so I’m still pushing for Harm and Mac to get together. *SIGH* Following that Nick Fallin in The Guardian. What mischief is Nick up to tonight? Hmmm. How is LuLu? Ack I hope she OK and I hope that she realizes Nick was by her bedside and runs to him. Her (hopefully soon to be ex) husband is a dork and doesn’t deserve her. Nick does. Go to Nick, Lulu! Flowers sent to Lulu and a smack upside Nick’s head so he’ll go and tell her how he feels! (Told you I was a sucker for a love story!) Finally rounding out the evening is Judging Amy. What’s going on tonight? How are they going to work in Maxine’s marriage now that the actor playing Jared has passed? (Mourn… good actor there too… my condolances) Hmmmm. Tough call. But the show is a sweet one.

So that’s my evening for you. I can’t wait to see my new shows!