Yeah, it only took A WEEK! I love how they come flying after you if one little thing is wrong but they let you hang for a week if everything is OK!!!!

OK, wanna know? Official word? Get ready to cheer!!!


Yes that’s right, Caramon is great! We don’t have to go to the clinic for a whole three months! WOOHOO!!

He still has some marks on his lungs. They are wondering if what is showing up is just scar tissue from all the cancer nodules and theย subsequentย chemo and radiation, and not more of the fungal lung infection he had last summer. It has not changed status at all in the last 9 months.

Just to be safe, they want to get a chest CT included with his next check-up. Dr R said that if all looks the same then, we will follow protocol. He’ll get scanned at his 18 month cancer-free mark and his 2 year cancer-free mark and then once a year I believe!

So yes, now it is time to party! Happy dance! All that good stuff!

Very much excitement filling the Sir Megabyte castle today!