Ok, Farscape rocks. I just watched the season 4 finale which has been made into the series finale because Sci-Fi channel decided to be sucky and cancel this show.

If you like Farscape go now to Save Farcsape and see what you can do to save the series!

OK I have to rant now. What the FRELL is with that ending? I mean the episode is rocking. Right? Even has a tearjerker moment when John talks to his dad. And then you just cheer when Aeryn says the baby is his and he proposes. Then they get FRIED!!! WHAT THE FRELL IS THAT? Wait just a MICROT and tell me WHAT WERE YOU THINKING??? And then what? It says “TO BE CONTINUED” No it won’t. BECAUSE IT WAS CANCELLED! Evil evil evil evil evil evil! ARGH!

UPN… you have a spot to fill since Buffy is going bye-bye. Pick up Farscape! SOMEONE PICK UP FARSCAPE!

Now to go don all black and send pictures to Sci Fi with “YOU ARE EVIL” signs.