OK, I have to comment after watching today’s episode. It was the new one from this weekend. The “brown room”. Apparently the woman said “I hate brown”. OK, I can hear that. I am definately no fan of brown myself. Some people may like it, I don’t. I would probably cry if I came back to my room and it was brown. Well said woman tells her designer she doesn’t care what her friends want. Well that is the point of the show. You redo your friends room… so you do it the way you want and you hope they like it. Well good that she understands that. Then she comes into her room for the reveal and freaks out because it is “brown”. It is really taupe. A very light brown. And all this colour was brought into the room in other ways than the walls. I actually liked the room. OK, not so happy about the orange but I could have easily changed that. But it didn’t look bad either.

Anyway, these people should just be happy that 1)someone else did the work in their house 2)they got a designer that usually gets paid a fortune to design their room and 3)that they didn’t foot the bill. Instead so many home owners freak out just because it isn’t to their taste. Don’t get me started on “crying Pam.” GRRRR

OK.. off to watch The Practice I taped from last night!