So I was the only one who managed to read Blind Assassin. *SIGH* Oh well, I’d rather read one dull book and reserve the book I don’t read for one I truly don’t want to read. I was disappointed because I wanted to talk about how the author wove (dont’ read on if you haven’t read the book and plan to) the three timelines in as three different storylines. It was definately an interesting tatic.

After an hour or so of talking, we decided to go to a movie at the dollar show. Three of them went to Two Weeks Notice and another gal and I went to see Maid in Manhattan. It was an enjoyable chic flick. Nice and relaxing. Especially since Shannon and I were both exhausted. We could just sit back and let the Cinderella story unfold and not think a whole lot.

I have Sweet Home Alabama on DVD and I was thinking about inviting some of the girls over to watch it with me. Kind of a “girls night in”. I just can’t seem to find when anyone is free at the same time.