Ok, is it just me or is this pointless now? I understand it served a purpose. But what purpose does it serve now? None. Let’s do away with it. I hate it… it screws up my system for weeks, just that one hour. Today I missed the first half of my Church’s conferance because I wasn’t thinking about the time change. Thank goodness I’ll be able to watch it on the web in a couple of days. But now, this summer it’s going to be like ten at night before it gets dark. Crazy.

The best year and a half of my life was probably the time we were in Arizona. Not only was it sunny and warm all the time but they don’t change time there. No where in Arizona do they change the time. So much easier. No trying to remember if you move your clocks forward or backward. No trying to get used to the new time that is just enough off that your body doesn’t want to accept it but not enough off that you can get used to it quickly.

If I thought I could get away with it I’d protest it. It would serve more purpose than protesting a war that has already started. Like we can just stop the war? Whatever. Face it, the war is here no matter if you like it or not. Protest something we can actually change. Like this stupid savings time. Who named it by the way? You don’t save time. You can’t save time. Imagine if you could?