So this friend of mine calls me up and is all like “hey Lady Ozma, come over for my stampin up party.” Like a sucker I say sure. Now since it is tax season and all, I am broke. So I say “I won’t buy something unless it is one of the smaller sets. I will have willpower.” I’ve been to many stampin’ up parties before and am a total stamp addict. I have 13 sets of Stampin Up stamps. That’s in addition to all my other stamps. Yeah I have a problem. Well I fell in love with the stamps that we used tonight and decided that i should get them because they are soooo versatile. So I ordered them. But they were 26 bucks. I should have stuck to the backgrounds. Those are 12 bucks. Dang Stampin Up for being so cool. GRRRR GRRRR

But I had tons of fun tonight. And I made a get well card for my grandpa who had a stroke a month and a half ago. I’ll send it to him when I mail him the stuff the kids made him. I also made a gift bag with a heart stamp that has like sun rays coming out of it. Fun! I had a blast. And I got to see some of my friends. Plus I got a night out away from the kidlets and hubby to unwind. I love my family but sometimes it is nice to just get out and away. I’m looking forward to the next couple of weeks… I have Enrichment next Thursday and the week after that is Book Club.

Now it is late and I am sleepy. Must rest… I haven’t been able to get to sleep this week. Dang time change. My body thinks it is an hour earlier.