DESTINED TO BE TOGETHER! – Aw! you like the
cute guys don’t ya?! Wes is sooo sweet and is
bound to make you happy, he may be shy but
that’s what you love about him and besides, by
the time you get through with him he’ll have no
reason to lack self-confidence! 😉 You make a
great couple, GO YOU!

Which Star Trek TNG guy are you destined to sleep with?
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OK, I have to admit, I threw this one. HEHE I could tell the answers to get Wesley. Now why did I throw this? Well because the answers were obvious. And let’s look at the men. Picard, yes he’s dang sexy but he is a little old for me. Plus he’s not comfortable around kids so we’d have that problem. Riker is still hung on Deanna and he has that like of facial hair. Ick. Can’t pull him away from his Imzadi. Data, well now if he were vulcan OK… but I don’t like the thoughts of a yellow skinned android. Sorry Data, you are more a friend than a potential lover. That leaves Geordi who is a doll and a sweetheart but I can’t get past his banna clip visor. Worry. Now Wesley, my Wesley… he was roughly my age and so dang smart and geeky… and I papered my room in pictures of him as a teenager. So I had to go for Wesley.