I have my 7th book this month. This one was book 4 in the Zion Covenant series. There are 5. I read books 1-3 last year and have been trying to get 4 and 5 from the library for almost a whole year. It is part of a three series set. There is Zion Covenant which takes place in Pre-WW2 Europe, then there is Zion Chronicles which takes place when Isreal becomes a nation and finally Zion Legacy which is just after Isreal becomes a nation. The books are by Bodie Thoene They are historical fiction and really good. They are entertaining and there is romance, danger, intrigue, spying, action, mystery, even some surprises! I highly recommend them. I’ve only read four so far… but anyway.

The thing that bugs me though, it is making me think a lot about how the world reacted to Hitler. Much the same I see the world reacting to Saddam. “Oh just let him be, that’s far away.” I’m so glad that President Bush decided not to let Saddam go any longer. We don’t want to make the mistakes we’ve made in the past.

I have book 5 which I am going to read but Left Behind’s latest book Armageddon came out this week and I am going to read it this weekend. I have to read it because I’m a total addict to those dang Left Behind books! HEHE Depending on how long that takes me, I may go ahead and read book 5 or I will read my book club book, Legally Blonde.

I know, I’m a book nut. 🙂