I’m a reading machine this month! Of course if you saw my reading list… you’d see why I read so much. There’s about 100 books on there!

I just finished book 5 of that series I mentioned. Warsaw Requim was the book. So good. Though I am kind of upset because Orde and Lucy haven’t officially hooked up yet. I know they are gonna. I don’t know if they are in any other books. *SIGH*

I do have the first book of the next series, but I have to read my book club book first. I have one week to read it. I’m not worried. I’m excited to read it. I’m starting Legally Blonde today. WOOHOO. Next week at book club we are going to watch the movie and then discuss the differances.

After I read Legally Blonde I have to read Exile’s Honour by Mercedes Lackey. The latest in the Valdemar series. It is checked out of the library so I better read it after LB. Following that, I am going to read that first book in the next Zion series. Then off to the library to try to get the other books in that series. I believe there are five.