OK, here’s the report from Book Club. It seems that everyone who read the book loved it. Like I had to even read the book to know I’d love it. I love the movie and the book was what the movie was based on! And I was right. Now most of the gals didn’t really care for the movie too much. They said Reese played Elle to be too much of a bimbo basically. Well frankly, I think she acted just perfectly. I’ve seen sorority girls in action. But in the book Elle doesn’t really do anything to try to get good grades, she doesn’t even hardly go to class. She squeaks by because some secret admirer gives her outlines to study. But in the book it shows her being very serious and working hard and going to class!

The girls did laugh a lot during the movie so I was surprised by their remarks concerning it. Oh well. I for one am a fan. In fact I watched the dang movie again last night even though I had watched it on Thursday with them. (Watched it on Showtime. Dang I am seriously thinking of giving myself the movie on DVD for my birthday.)

We had a good time at book club though. Just gabbing and having fun.

I’m looking forward to our next book. I’m still surprised I got it in since it is a fantasy and these girls just don’t read that sort of thing. I hope I’m not the only one who reads it. I’m very scared of that. Especially since the one friend who will read just about anything is moving away. I hope that the book club doesn’t get dull without her. *SIGH* But for May we are reading Black Swan by one of my fave fave authors, Mercedes Lackey. Yipee! I already bought my copy and will probably start it around the middle of May. (I have company coming in the week of book club I believe so I know the book probably won’t get read if I don’t start it early.)

I have a very busy May coming up! Swim lessons with the kids, school stuff, and two people are coming to visit me. Plus you throw in Mother’s Day and my birthday… whew! Plus there is also Memorial Day weekend which is also the weekend of the sci fi convention that I’m going to. Hmmm, maybe I should start reading Black Swan soon… I probably won’t read near as many books as I did last month! (Though I’m halfway through the next Zion book.)