Watching Jag reruns – it’s a great way to spend the day.

Legal Drama = Good

Uniforms = Good

Navy = Good

David James Elliot + Catherine Bell = Most Definitely GOOD.

This episode is when Bud and Harriet get hitched.

And it was the best episode ever. I couldn’t stop laughing!

First, Harm’s dress uniform gets delivered to a male stripper and he has to go to a strip club where he almost gets beaten up. Next thing he knows, someone begs Harm to help another stripper with a sexual harrassment case. While there, Harm also sees Harriet and Harriet’s mom.

Harriet’s mom is all over the strippers. Awkward!

Harm’s off to Bud’s bachelor party at another strip club and gets into a bar fight.  What’s with the brawling? Don’t mess up Harm’s amazing chin or give him a black eye!

Anyway, the episode just rocks and should they ever release on DVD (HINT HINT HINT) and better yet a “best of” (MORE HINT HINT HINT) then This would be a great one to get… and should be on the “best of”!

Of course I cheered when Harm swatted Harriet on the bumm with the sword. They don’t show that tradition enough in these military weddings. You think everyone knows about it! It is so funny to see the brides who actually have NO idea or who had their husbands “swear” not to do it… *SNICKER*… right honey….  Anyway… I just had to post…

I can’t wait till tonight’s NCIS episode of JAG to see how they get Harm out of being prosecuted for the murder of that witch, Singer. I still say, I hated her and wanted her off the show but not that way!!!