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Miki Falls: Autumn (Miki Falls, #3)

Miki Falls: Autumn

Written by: Mark Crilley

Is their secret safe? 

It’s autumn, and Miki Yoshida’s life is finally settling into a routine. She and Hiro are spending all their time together, and Miki couldn’t be happier. 

There’s just one problem. 

Hiro’s breaking all the rules to be with Miki, and the more time they spend together–and the more they fall for each other–the more there is at stake. With jealous Reika on the prowl, Miki knows they can’t hide forever.

Miki Falls: Winter (Miki Falls, #4)

Miki Falls: Winter

Written by: Mark Crilley
Pages: 176

Can love survive?

It’s winter, and a bitter chill of desperation has settled over Miki and Hiro. Far from home, the young couple treks through the frozen north, with Akuzu’s powerful agents hot on their trail. Miki knows they are determined to tear her and Hiro apart.

But she has different plans.

With the help of an unlikely ally, Miki and Hiro endure a daring journey, battling freezing conditions and frightening forces just to be together. Miki is certain they can make it, hoping that love really does conquer all.

This review is a two-fer because these two graphic novels are the final two in the four-part “Miki Falls” story.  Graphic novels are so short and quick, and these two tied together so much that I thought one post would suffice.

I really liked the love story that Mark Crilley creates in the Miki Falls series. The look at the types of love and the thought that love might somehow die out fascinated me. Of course, the forbidden romance angle is nothing new, but I still enjoyed the plot.

In these books you see the hero and heroine run away in a hope to possibly remain together.  They learn how to survive, fight the hopelessness in their situation, and through it all attempt to prove that true love can conquer all.

Maybe it was the hopeless romantic in me that loved the story.  I am a girl after all. And while I’m not so much a mushy-love-love sort, I still enjoy a good romance.  I’d like to think that maybe not all love is doomed to crash and burn. Maybe people can beat the odds when everything in the world seems stacked against them.

Definitely the hopeless romantic trapped inside my soul somewhere…

The art is the great Crilley art that I’ve grown to know and love. I am definitely a fan of his work. I can barely draw a stick figure, so I greatly admire people with an artistic talent.

I want to thank Sir Megabyte for introducing me to Crilley’s work and demanding we buy the first of the Miki Falls graphic novels. He was absolutely right, I did love this. I should probably go read some of the other manga he’s recommended me.

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