So I burned my hand grilling in the rain. Yeah… I know… GRRR. Haven’t been able to type. I now have big blisters but I can type…sort of. It just aggravates me!

Then yesterday in Walmart I’m doing my shopping and a big can of kidney beans falls out of my cart and onto my big toe right on the knuckle! I have a huge gash and it hurt for HOURS! ARGH! I hate kidney beans enough! HAHA And of course, since I have this thing about closed toed shoes (I swear my feet are claustaphobic!) I was wearing sandals. Then I had to stand in line for 15 minutes because the woman in front of me was buying some box that she claims was on special but wasn’t ringing up at the right price and she goes back and the sign is “gone” and so she starts ranting, raving, and swearing in the store. You have to be kidding me. I could barely stand up!

But on the brighter note… Friday was “Bring a parent to school day”. I left Joram with a neighbour and went. It turned out to be a “Berrate parents into reading with their kids” day. Oh well. After listening to this woman spiel on about the importance of reading to our kids so they don’t lose reading ability over the summer (Caramon is the most advanced reader in his class, he’s on chapter books and in Kindergarten) we finally get to go to the classroom. Man, you should have seen the SMILE on Caramon’s face! I’m talking ear to ear. I’m talking Cheshire cat. It was so awesome! He comes running up and gives me a huge hug! So we talked and we made a little book. He got a Meijer’s ad and we cut out some foods he liked that are sweet. He chose candy and ice cream and strawberries and grapes. He then wrote the story. He called it “Sweet Things by Caramon Stanley”. The first page said “I like Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Ice cream.” Then it said “Here is candy.” And the last page said something about strawberries and grapes. He did really well! All too soon it was time for me to go and he didn’t want me to leave! I’m going to try to help out in his classroom next year. (Joram will be in school so it should be easier!)

Oh and last week I went and registered Joram for Kindy. Man he was too cute. After we got done, he SKIPPED out and he is singing “I’m going to Kindergarten!” This teacher with her class smiles at him and goes “Well, we’ll see you next year then!” And he says “Yup! See you next year!” He was all business too. We are sitting down waiting to sign him up and the lady comes up to take care of us and he looks at her and he goes. “OK, we are here to register me for Kindergarten.” All about the school thing. She just laughed and was like “You are going to make a great Kindergartener!”

My kids! They are growing up so fast! I can’t believe it!