Yesterday my church had a trip to historic Kirtland. I’ve never been and it was so cool! We walked where the Profet Joseph walked. I touched the very doorknob he touched when he first arrived into Kirtland. I saw the room he slept in, the room he hq’ed the church in, the room he taught in. The very rooms where he received revelations from the Lord. It was so awesome. You could just see the rooms shine from having been graced with the presence of the Savior and Heavenly Father. I saw the creek they held baptisms in and all sorts of things. I also saw the Kirtland Temple. Toured it. Wow. That was awesome as well. Wow… I wish that we owned it still. So sad that the reorganized (or whatever they wish to call themselves these days) church owns it. At least they give free tours. But you could just see how the tour guide was missing something. She just didn’t have the fullness of the gospel in her life. Sad. She was so close, so very close and yet missing so very much. And it isn’t her fault, she probably grew up that way. Not understanding because there was no one to teach her. But she was very friendly and perky and I enjoyed being in the Temple. I did get a hair of vertigo. It has 14 foot ceileings on the first floor AND the second floor! So by the time you get to the third floor to the classroom type rooms up there… wow were you high up! You pant when you get to the top and you have vertigo as you go down the spiraling stairs to the bottom!

The Whitney store is still there as well. (This was where the Prophet Joseph came and entered the store and told the owners they prayed him there and they offered to let him live above the store. He HQ’ed the church there and he held the school of the prophets there. So awesome. The Church has rebuilt the Whitney home and the Inn and the ashery and mill. They have created a historical park there. They did archealogical digs so that they could build these buildings on the actual spot they once stood. Awesome!

Our trip was all day and I was exhausted when I got home but I had such a good time! Wow. I sat in Church today and it was so amazing to think that just yesterday I walked where the first Saints walked.