Well first of all, the movies we rented were good. Thought I’d share.

Ok… now on to the satelite woes and my gripe about HOA. Ok, actually the people running the association are not my gripe. They’ve been a peach to work with. It is other people who seem to think they are the end all be all because they do stuff in the HOA.

OK, here’s what happened. We had our satelite on a pole because we were renting. So when we bought our house there was nothing in the bylaws saying “no pole” so we just never took it off the pole. So anyway, apparently the president was doing something with insurance or whatever and her agent told her that it was dangerous because someone could run into it. Ok, it was behind a shrubbery. So anyone who ran into it would have to hit the shrub first. Plus it was right next to our actual house so it wasn’t like it was freestanding in the middle of the yard. I think that was a dumb argument personally but you know, someone’s kid would just go right through the shrubbery and hit the satelite and get a bonk on the head (and scratches from the shrubbery) and then that parent would sue us. Because that’s the world we live in. So fine, whatever. I knew it was kind of an iffy location anyway so it was no big deal. The president of the association was all kinds of nice when discussing it with me and really, I had no problem with that. The problem didn’t ensue until Sir Megabyte was trying to put it up yesterday actually on our house. Well, I had a location approved by the president. She said that where it was located was fine, we just needed to attach it to the house. So we were going to put it at about the same height on the house there on the front corner, but the actual side of our house, not the front. Well that worked great till we saw that it would not go around the gutter. So now it has to go up on the wood trim by the roof. Except that isn’t wide enough for the mount. There are two places it is wide enough, the front corner and the back corner. Well due to the angle it has to go, the satelite will not go on the back corner. So we are left with putting it on the front corner. Which we figured was OK, because it was basically the same location I had approved just higher up on the house. There was one other place we thought MIGHT work but were kind of iffy if it would even work. Still on the front half of the slope but closer to the peak so it would be set back. But since that trim wasn’t wide enough we’d have to put the mount below the trim on the siding and we were unsure if the dish would clear the roof. It just so happens that the way our dish has to face, either the dish can’t clear the roof or the house or it is blocked by the house. So we ask our neighbour for his honest opinion. He walked around our house with us and came to the same conclusion we did. That front corner. Well I had totally forgotten at the time but was later reminded after the dish was put up that my neighbour is the vice president of our HOA. So yes, now I technically (though I didn’t remember) have the permission of the president and the vice president. Well this lady from down the street comes with her dog so my neighbour says “Hey you’re on the beautification committee, what do you think?” Well she starts going off about how she’s actually on the design and review board and this is something we have to clear through them and even if the president said the front half the house was OK as long as the satelite was physically on the side the president had no jurisdiction and couldn’t tell us that. I mean this gal completely spazzed out. She told us it HAD to go on the back half of the house. Which meant the only choice we would have is to put it actually on our roof. Now I don’t know about you, but putting holes in my roof is not something I think of as a good idea. Plus we weren’t even sure if the thing you put the satelite up with would go on the roof. So we went out and looked for a piece and no one sells something that could do this. Well, I finally went down to the trustee who lives at the end of my street. See our HOA has three trustees. One trustee is the president. Another heads up the design and review board and he lives down the street. The third… I actually don’t remember his role in the HOA. I feel bad about that… but there is so much it is hard to keep track of everything. Well anyway, I figured if anyone could solve the question, especially to this spaz girl’s satisfaction it would be the guy at the end of the street. He’s a trustee AND head of the design and review board. (He was also the closest person I could think of with any kind of head role in the neighbourhood since I had forgotten about my neighbour being VP.) Well this guy ALSO has the added benefit of having the same model house I do. And get this, he has a dish! So he understands how they have to face and be unobstructed and stuff. Well he told me he didn’t have a single problem with where I was putting it. In fact, he said that as long as my next door neighbour said it was OK, he didn’t see anything wrong with it. I told him who my neighbour was and that he had no problem with it. He was all like “Oh then go ahead and do it and I’ll take care of things.” We all think that *someone* was trying to think she was something she wasn’t. Power corrupts or something I guess.

So anyway, at this point I have two trustees saying OK. I also have the head of the design and review board saying it is OK. And finally I have the VP and the Pres saying it was OK. (yes after it was up I did go tell the president just to make sure.) I had my neighbour saying it was OK. I think any of that says it is OK. So we put it up.

So my gripe isn’t actually with those running my HOA. It is just the fact that because there is a HOA some people seem to think they can make life difficult for others. This woman actually told me that if I couldn’t put my dish on the back half of our house then we should get cable. Excuse me? No. I don’t want cable. I’ve had my dish for 6 years and I’m very happy with it. This is a free country and last time I checked that meant I could chose who I get my TV from! Plus, local cable here doesn’t even have the WB which is the “prime time” channel I watch the most of! Let alone some of the other channels not available on cable that are on my satelite.

Anyway, the dish is on our house now. Which will be better. The freaking windstorms won’t be knocking it off anymore hopefully! Yay! 🙂 And everyone is happy. Except maybe that lady. I don’t know. I’m trying to give her the benefit of the doubt. Maybe she was just having a bad day. Sometimes we are having bad days and things end up making us snap. Perhaps my dish was the last straw for her.