We got up this morning and my MIL left really early. She just wanted to get home. Her loss. We bummed around in the morning and then went to the Jazz festival here. It was fun. We had some yummy food and lemonade and heard some great music. Then we wrapped up with getting ice cream. Mmmmm.

I love Jazz music. It is so great. I’m glad that they have this festival! The boys were a little antsy, but they had fun walking around and looking at all the stuff.

We stopped at the park by the river and they walked down to the river edge with Sir Megabyte. They looked at the water and at the clipper ship on the other side of the bridge by where we were. They thought that was so neat. Then they came back and I went to the water edge with them. They talked about how the water was dirty. It really was. Icky. The music being played there was a little more R&B than jazzy.