WOOHOO! So excited for tonight!

Who do you think is pregnant? I’m betting Matt and Sarah over Lucy and Kevin. From what I’ve read they’ve tried very hard to make it sound like someone OTHER than Lucy. I’m a little bugged though, I mean who else could it be? There’s not really anyone else. Unless it is Mary but would they do that with the craziness of her marriage to Carlos, the homeless guy? So right now I’m leaning towards if it is a Camden, it is Sarah. But it could be someone else. Think someone else might be? Maybe Aunt Julie again? Ugh, can we go through another of her pregnancies? HAHA! Then again, they may have written everything up purposesly to throw us off Lucy and then have it be Lucy!

I can’t wait to start watching new 7ths! Even if Simon is gonna be gone after five episodes. (Best of luck at college to the actor behind Simon!)

I’m hoping they’ve scrapped that idea of a Chandler and Roxanne spin off and will break those two up and get them off the show. 🙂

OK… PVR set for 7th Heaven. I may watch it over and over and over and over and over… *SNICKER*

Oh yeah… and yay… new Everwood too. 🙂