Can you believe it? He went to bed on Friday night a cute and cuddly four year old and woke up Saturday a big and cuddly five year old! *SIGH* My baby is growing up before my eyes!

So Friday before school, we went to the market and let him pick out some treats. He picked out granola bars to share with his class as well as little juice bottles. So then I went to school and helped out with Caramon’s WoodsWalk which was a lot of fun. We learned all about water! Then I was there to help Joram’s class with the snacks! They sang happy birthday to him! Lots of fun!

That night we let Joram choose where to go for dinner. He choose the chinease buffet. Of course Sir Megabyte was all like “UGH!” since all he really likes is fried rice. But he gave in and let us go there. Joram had such a good time trying all sorts of different foods. his favourite thing was the crab and then of course the chicken on a stick! Mmmm. While there we saw one of Caramon’s classmates! It was fun! The cutest thing though was that Caramon was eating all these crablegs. Well he was breaking them open and he was like “I’m really good at this!” And so Sir Megabyte said “You are better than Mommy!” I had to agree! LOL But he had started having some trouble so we requested some crab crackers. We got some and Caramon picked them up and he giggled and said something like “OK, now it is time to feel the pain, crab!!” It was so funny!

So then Joram goes to bed all cute and four and woke up big and five and he came running into our room! We were all “Happy Birthday Joram!” He was so happy. After we all woke up and the boys cleaned up their room we went downstairs for breakfast. Caramon was supposed to have a soccer game, but it got cancelled due to weather. So we gave Joram all his presents and he loved everything. He got a soccer ball that is all rainbow coloured in a star pattern and shin guards. He LOVES it all! Then we gave him also some jacks and marbles and some leappad books and a gameboy game, Treasure Planet. We also gave him some things to deck out his bike so it looks like a harley, including a Harley license plate that we were able to put his name on.

Joram also got a “birthday in a box” from his Hugs and Hope birthday elf. It had everything for a party as well as some presents! It had a bunch of spiderman stuff that Joram just loves of course as well as some books and trucks and dinosaurs and of course crayons and chalk. The thing that made the biggest mark on him though was these little pills that if you put them in water they expand into dino sponges. He has had a ball doing that! hehehe

We went to Toys R Us because it was Geoffrey’s birthday as well. The boys got to colour Happy Birthday signs and they got to march in a parade and play instruments. Caramon got a harmonica and Joram a little wooden flute. Which of course they got to keep! After the parade, the boys got cupcakes. We got them some Yugioh cards and then we left.

Since the boys have a friend who also had a birthday, they went over and played with her for a bit. And then home and we watched some cartoons and played with the presents and of course SNUGGLED and all of that stuff.

I’m such a proud Mommy. First day as a five year old and Joram is always a pro at 5 year old hugs, kisses, and snuggles! I could just cuddle him forever! He’s such a darling!

We let him choose what I cooked for dinner and then I made us all milkshakes. I even included the “SECRET INGREDIENT” (chocolate sauce) and the boys just were tickled pink!

Today we took it easy. I made some banana bread this weekend so we munched on that. We played some more. Joram really like the marbles! He’s had such a ball with them!