Hey everyone! Here’s my take on the new season… thus far! I know we are still waiting for some shows to start up… but here’s where I stand on TV at this point.

It ended up being really long so I decided to cut it. This way if you haven’t seen something, then you won’t be spoiled anyway!

We’ll start with Monday night since nothing from Sunday has premiered yet!

7th Heaven: So Mary is pregnant. What a waste after 4 episode arc and summer. She’s hardly going to be on. I still love my 7th and am looking forward to the season. I’m going to be sad to say goodbye to Simon though. *SIGH* But it looks like it is going to be a good season.

Everwood: Season 2 looks like Andy is going to have a hard time in town. Poor guy. But looks like Ephram is going to get serious about his music. I enjoy the music so that makes me happy. While I hope that he and his father can get along a little better, I hope that we will still get the smart@$$ remarks of those two going back and forth! I do hope Amy gets out of this slump. Seriously, she’s like 16 or so. Get over it. You are way too young to be so serious over a boy! And the town? Get a life. If Colin didn’t get the surgery, he’d have probably died. So quit blaming Andy for Colin’s death!

Tuesday: Gilmore Girls looks great. Rory at college and still dealing with Paris! EEEEK! Looks like her grandparents are showing their true colours… looking forward to getting a look at them as Lorelei must see them. Sookie looks great! I’m so excited she’s having a little boy! I wonder if they are going to surprise us with her having a girl! Wouldnt’ that be fun??? The gals cracked me up coming back from England and their whole tote bag rant!

NCIS: Still… hello navy is REDUNDANT… but this episode looked pretty good to me. I think I’ll enjoy the show. Loved them hijacking the air force one jet!

Judging Amy: Well the opener is a “what we did on our summer break.” Amy looks like she’s going to do great in criminal court and i love that she has donna being her clerk but what about bruce? How is he going to fit in now? I love Bruce. Glad Gillian woke up at the end. How sweet that Peter was reading her Thornbirds, what she read on their honeymoon! I can’t even think what I was reading when I got married. HAHA Oh well. 🙂 I love the trainee/intern/new gal Maxine has. She is cool! I can’t wait for the season to really get going!

Guardian: Well… no real opinion of this. Sorry. It was just like any other episode. But at least they frelling started where the cliffhanger left off unlike some of these other shows! This has really really bugged me this season. Since when do we have to have TV actually follow “real time”???

Frasier: Yay! Daph is preggers! 🙂 Hated that gal that Frasier hooked up with. So glad he finally tossed her out! But, YAY! Daph is pregnant!

One Tree Hill: Hmmm… dunno. This one is going to take a few weeks of watching to tell if I’m going to like it. But if the poor boy was an “oops, I’m barely out of high school grad and not ready to be a father” just how long did he wait before the second son? Because they sure look to be close to the same age. But at most they are four years apart since they go to high school together. But they both play for varsity which says that they are probably only a year or two apart if not the same age. Wouldn’t a better story line have been that dad was having an affair? I’ve seen that happen. Ends up with two kids close to the same age. Just a random thought. Dad’s a jerk though for denying his “other” son anything. And trying to pit the two boys against each other.

Wed: Enterprise… Booyah! looks great! Funky space, scary people, lots of action!

Jake 2.0 is great. I love it so far! I recommend it!

I went ahead and checked out Poland… yeah… not impressed. I think they tried for too much in one episode. If it doesn’t get better it will die soon.

Smallville hasn’t premiered yet but I’ve been getting Daily Planet updates on my phone! Hey WB… that’s way cool! THANKS!

Thursday: Friends: Ugh… kill the Joey/Rachel relationship FAST! But other than that… looks like they’ve still got their momentum. Only 17 new Friends left. 😦

Coupling: Seemed a little forced and the set was bad. Sure hope it gets better. I know two of these people are decent actresses so hopefully it will work out. If not, I’m not going to keep watching. It was kind of fresh anyway so I may not keep watching anyway.

What I like About you. Like the idea of Val starting a new company. I sure hope they make this a little more realistic than they normally do on TV. I do miss her boyfriend from last year. 😦 But it looks like it is a good show this year.

Threat Matrix this week was just as good as last week’s. Need I say more? Awesome show!

Still haven’t watched ER, so no thoughts there yet. I’ll have to do another post soon with that and the shows from this week!

Friday: Reba: So far has been just like last year. Just a good little sitcom.

JAG: Wowsers! Loved the scenes with Mac/Harm. I like those two together! Wish they would hook up! Can’t wait to see what happens with Harm. Is the Admiral really going to accept that resignation? I mean, he knew why Harm was doing that! He just wanted to save Mac! (Mac’s his lobster!!!) Of course… with the military it isn’t like you just go around quitting and rejoining like that… haha but anyway. BTW I’m also glad they started up where the cliffhanger left off. yes that REALLY bugged me this season! HAHA

Miss Match: This was rather cute! I’ll probably stick around, but I’m a sucker for romance.

Joan of Arcadia: WOW! This sounded so freaking cheesy but the premiere was EXCELLENT! If you missed it, tune in this week and repent!

OK… that’s it so far! I think! Did I miss something? If you think so, comment and let me know. I’ll let you know if I watched it or not! HEHE

So far I’m excited about this season! And tonight, yay! New Charmed and Alias! WOOHOO!!! Only five more hours for me for Charmed! YAY! Alias is 9 hours away for me! I’ll probably wait and watch it tomorrow so I can be nice and awake and everything!