After Joram got on the bus, I cruised on over to McAlistar’s Camera. They took my picture and they introduced me ot the owner. Actually the owner was the guy that Caramon and I, and Caramon’s pack listened to at the Sidewalk Skywatch on Wednesday where I signed up to win the telescope! ROFL. So they were pleased that I was so excited about the telescope!

I brought the telescope home and put it together. It looks great! I can’t wait to use it to look at the sky. Of course just my luck… dang it… clouds have been building up and the sky is almost impossible to see! 😦 WAAAAH

Oh well… maybe tomorrow!!

Oh yeah, I totally signed up for the next class. They have free classes that I can go to. The ‘scope is very portable and so it will be easy to take! The next class is in November just a couple of days before the eclipse. We are going to learn about viewing the moon. Then that way we’ll be able to watch the eclipse better! Yay! Not that I think Ohio is going to have great viewing… but eh… who cares… an eclipse is an eclipse. ROFL.

Oh yeah… I loaded new pictures on my website from Joram’s birthday in the September 2003 album! And posted pictures of me with the telescope. If I have any luck taking pictures through the eyepiece of anything neat I see… I’ll post them.