We woke up to go to the hospital early early. Caramon was NPO from 7:15. I always hate that because even though he’s gotten so good about understanding why he can’t eat, I still feel bad for starving him.

We dropped Joram off at our friend, Elfmyst’s house because he has had a cough plus he had the chicken pox vaccine last week. Then it was off to the hospital.

Well, we get to the hospital and are on the little access street to the parking garage and I hit a small pothole. The car starts making a funky thwump type sound. I’m like “Oh no, did I kill my tire or something?” But the car was handling fine so I thought “Maybe it is just low?” Well I park and get out and the front tire is low. Hmmm… not so low that I want fix a flat but low enough that I want to get air and get air soon. All the other tires were aired up and well. That front passenger tire is the one that seems to get low for some reason.

Well we go into the hospital, Caramon goes to his appointment. He did well and saw the doctor and the doc said Caramon seems to be doing well. Yay! While waiting Caramon wrote a letter to Nurse Diane. We also saw a friend, Emily, and that was so wonderful because last I heard… over a year ago… they had no idea if she’d make it a year. I guess she’s one of those hard to call tumors that they couldn’t operate on, so no one knows anything. But she’s put on 40 pounds, has hair, and looks so good! This pleased me ever so much! I hope this is a good sign! Emily has been off chemo for almost a year in fact! God’s blessings abound!

So then it was off to CT and Caramon got to see his CT Girlfriend that shares his birthday. Much birthday wishes were expressed. And then we left. Well it was too late to get back to Joram before school started or get Caramon to school for lunch so we talked to Sir Megabyte and he wanted to lunch with us. Well I tell him about the tire, which I looked at and everything was unchanged.

So I decide to stop and get a little bit of air before heading onto the interstate because of this horrible thwump sound. But I don’t understand why it was makin that sound since the tire was just not THAT low! Well after driving around I cannot find a gas station. Seriously, I know it is downtown but dang… people need gas there too!

So finally I decide it would be better to head on the interstate because I know where the gas station is off of there and it isn’t really that far. I figure I’ll just drive in the right lane and take it easy just in case there was something wrong with that front tire. The streets I was on was bad, and it really sounded like when you are on a bad street with all the lines where they’ve shoddily tried to fix the road. So you are going Thwump Thwump and you are like ‘Is that my car or the road?” So I get on the interstate and sure enough, it does sound better! Yay. The sound is almost not noticable at all so I think “Well maybe it was the road and the low tire!”

I get ALMOST to my exit for hubbies work when I hear this weird almost whistle like something flew off the car and the car lists to the right. Oh no, I’ve blown that front tire. Argh! There really must have been something wrong with it. Well thankfully I am literally crossing over the bridge of an exit. OK, pull off on exit ramp around and park the car. Hop out.

Wait what’s this? The front tire looks exactly the same. A little low but still shouldn’t be causing any problems. And the car handled fine just listed there for a second. Hmmm… OK… about to go back around and get in the car when I happen to notice… the back passenger tire is as flat as flat can be. What the heckfires????

I want to cry. The tire I wasn’t expecting??? What? Well Sir Megabyte is not that far away so he comes out to help me. And we are right around the corner from a Grismer Tire. We like Grismer. We’ve bought 8 tires there and taken a friend there when he needed a tire. They are a good store. So on goes the doughnut and we look at that back tire…

There’s a huge hole so big we could stick something into it. Like a pencil. HUGE hole. Crud, definately can’t patch THAT! So now we are gonna have to replace the tire. Oh yay. Plus I’m feeling a little off about that front tire because it does keep losing air pressure.

Sure enough, that front tire is worn and that’s why it kept losing air. *SIGH* Ok so make that two new tires. Oh yay.

Well then Sir Megabyte was like “Uh, are you going to check the alignment because I’ve been thinking for over a month it needs an alignment.” They are like ‘Yes we will” Sure enough get a call “Yup need an alignment.” *SIGH* Then we get another call “Your serpentine belt is cracked.” Great, last I heard at my oil change was that it was worn but would work fine for a while but we needed to start considering getting it replaced. GRRR Oh yeah and just for kicks, the transmission which I have never had cleaned… it is filthy and they think it should be flushed. I asked Sir Megabyte and he’s like “I’ve never had it flushed.” Well I haven’t and we’ve had the car over a year and driving to TN and KY and West VA and VA and GA and IA and well you get the picture. Fine do that too.

Argh. When it rains it pours!

I got home with Caramon at 4:50. UGH! With a MUCH lighter pocketbook.

Oh yeah, no word yet on Caramon’s CT scan.