So Sir Megabyte calls me and says “I’m in the area, want to take Joram and grab a bite to eat?” Sure. Big mistake. I have no tastebuds to to the cold of eternal lingering. My beef and chedder at Arby’s had no flavour. And I doused it with yummy Arby’s Sauce. *SIGH* Oh well. Joram had a ball and told me “Every time I eat lunch with my daddy I am happy because I love my daddy.” How totally cute is that? I tell you what… boys are way cute.

So I took Joram to school after we finished eating our lunch and came home. Lo and behold I have an email with some html work to do! WOOHOO! Busy typing and playing in PhotoShop and I got to use my rather foggy brain! I completed the project and am so proud of myself. I did two useful things this week. (On Tuesday I massively cleaned the computer area so that it is all nice and neat now and don’t have stuff laying everywhere. Even organized my cords. Plus I even moved out electronics to vaccuum up massive eletronics collection of dust!) I haven’t done much else due to the cold of eternal lingering, but hey… I did two things! And one even earned me a little bit of money ! Yay! Christmas money! 🙂 Hope I can get some more work so that I can buy more Christmas goodies!

Oh I probably should tell you guys about scouts. My boys have earned their Citizenship and almost completed their Communicator. Plus one boy got his Readymen on Saturday. WOOHOO. Well on their way to their Arrow of Light.

Hmmm was told if I learn ASP that I would get more work thrown my way. I think I must now go learn ASP. My brain loves the actually being used thing that was going on last month! 🙂