Am v. proud of myself. I perservered and finished it. I just had to. Had to know if my instincts were right. And they were. Guessed the “plot twist” correctly! Now now, I shan’t ruin it for you. You must trudge through this book yourself. But now I know the secret that Iris held for oh so long.

I’ll also be proud that I will probably be the only one at book club who finished the book. This has happened several times. I try to reserve my not reading for something I truly dislike. If I can trudge through it I will. But I’ve scored myself several books not to have to read should we come up with some real duds in the future! I read every book last year except one that was truly lame and offensive to women. We won’t get into that book. There were several last year that I was the only one who read. Go me!

Anyway, my thoughts on BA was that the writer could have made it slightly more interesting. You go through the life of Iris jumping from present to past. You don’t even jump in order. You go from now to 20 years ago to 34 years ago to 22 years ago or some such nonesense. That makes it harder to get into. Then intersperesed is the book that her sister wrote which bounces from some bizarre sci-fi (and this from a person who likes sci fi) to the story of two unnamed people having a sordid affair. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to the jumping from one time to another time or one story to the other. So just when you finally get into one it jumps to the other and you almost have to start from scratch.

I’ve never been into reading multiple books at the same time so perhaps this is another reason why this book did not go over well for me. I do not know. But the style was very dry.

Oh well, it is done for now and I can get on to something much more interesting. Hmmm what should it be? Something lighter. Maybe I’ll read Artemis Fowl. Hmmm that sounds very appealing. A nice light story. Something “easy” for me to get into. Not something I have to feel like I’m working to read!