The book drones on and on and on. It is like wading through three feet of snow. I don’t know why but it takes me forever to read. I’ve finally managed to get to page 350. I’ve been reading it ALL day. Twice I fell asleep for 20 minutes stretches. Only 171 pages to go.

I talked to two of the members of my book club yesterday and one was at about the same point I was (page 120ish) and not having any more luck reading it. The other hadn’t even started it. Both said they probably wouldn’t bother with it.

I am struggling to finish it though. I won’t push myself. If I don’t finish it before my meeting on Thursday, oh well. Though I would like to finish it just so I can say I did.

This book definately doesn’t not make it to my recommend list. I’m sorry. If you do read it, I’d love to hear your thoughts!