The principal at the boys’ school has a son, Joel, that got his Eagle Scout. Caramon is very interested in scouts so I told him that we could go and see Joel get his Eagle Scout. Caramon was very cute. He was so excited and he drew a picture in my calender book of him being a boy scout getting his Eagle Scout. Isn’t he just darling? Kids are way too cute. I hope that if he really does have all this enthusiasm that it will carry so he can get his Eagle!

Caramon asked his principal to introduce him to Joel. So she introduced Caramon to Joel and Caramon said something about congratulations and he wanted to be like Joel one day and get his Eagle Scout! My heart just melted. Talk about sweet!

I’m so glad that Caramon is excited about scouts. It could give him some great satisfaction and it could help him find interests he enjoys. So this week we are going to the parent meeting to see if we can put him in Tiger Scouts. He’s very much excited!