This morning Caramon had a soccer game. The game tied and guess what??? My sweet Caramon made the goal for his team! Go Caramon Super Soccer Stud! I’m so proud of him! He’s the little man! My boy, amazing soccer boy. Of course he really excels at the running part. I swear that kid is gonna be a track star he runs and runs and runs.

I had scout training today. I am officially a trained scouter now. I had my den leader training and my youth protection training and another day I had completed my new leader training so I am now officially able to wear the trained patch. Which they gave me yesterday at the completion of the super training day. I’m glad that is over! And now I have some good ideas of what the heck I’m doing. Though I’m still trying to figure out how to do a program with only two Webelos. But in my training for that, they really went over a lot of good ideas and so I’m hoping to put them to work! HOPE HOPE HOPE.

I did meet a collector of the patches. My husband had expressed an interest in collecting patches while we were in Arizona but I really didn’t believe that people did this that much. I mean we have saved our patches, but that means we have like… two. ROFL But this guy had a whole notebook. I guess he is loaning it to someone else for a display. I told them they couldn’t have our Desert Pacific Council patch but they were more than welcome to use it for their display or whatever they were doing. I told them I’d see if any of my contacts wanted to exchange patches as well. So now I have to get a hold of some of my contacts and see… anyone who wants a Simon Kenton Council patch or two, let me know. I’ll do a one on one trade. 🙂 I’m not sure what else to trade, but if they have it at my scout shop which is just a couple of miles from my house I’ll gladly trade other things with you as well. No one can have my Desert Pacific patch. It’s ours from when hubby was scoutmaster. 🙂 If I still had contacts out there, I’d ask for more, but I don’t. 😦 But here’s what my Simon Kenton Council patch looks like. I’m assuming it hasn’t changed… hehe

Just for anyone who cares, this is what our Desert Pacific looks like. I like it, it is cool. 🙂 But I like the desert. I love the sun coming up over the desert. 🙂