Some really nice person tried to give me 10 bucks. But they used a credit card and now I can’t seem to figure out how to get it to accept it. I have to upgrade my account? But it won’t tell me how much it costs? ARGH.. And I can’t seem to find the way to actually upgrade it either. Double Argh.

I promise I will work on this… hehehe… if anyone knows what I am doing wrong… I’d really like to know… I don’t really have time to mess with it. I have to go to some stuff at the school, but after that I promise to work on this guys!

By the way, thanks asilim for your generousity! ROFL… I appreciate it! I can’t wait to figure out how to fix things though!! 🙂

Take care all… btw I’m wearing my WANTED POSTER tshirt today and hoping to get money!