Today I had conferances with the teachers. Seems like both kids are doing really well. I’m so proud of them. Caramon is moving along in reading. (In fact he’s currently reading a Goosebumps book and is on chapter three) And he’s really good at science and math too. He just needs to work on his neatness. Joram is way ahead of where he needs to be and even though he’s the youngest child in his class (just three days before the cut off) he seems to be very mature and well behaved. I’m so proud. They got high marks. Wish I could explain it in real terms. Darned elementary schools not using the A system… hahaha They both got Satisfactory and ups. 🙂 YAY!

I also helped the gym teacher work on getting some stuff together to apply for some grants. I really want her to get one. At least one. She deserves it. She has this excellent idea for putting up a rock wall and having this program “On the Wall”. She wants to reward the children with good marks and good behavior with this rock climbing experience. Rock climbing builds self esteem and confidence and also teaches motor control, balance, problem solving, and a slew of other stuff. Not only that it is something that she can actually start teaching even the youngest student that they can carry with them through their entire life. I mean, four squares and other kiddie games are massive amounts of fun and teaches children great skills, but pretty much after elementary school you don’t really play them a whole lot. However rock climbing can be a life long hobby! I read her proposal and oh my gosh… I’d give her money! Wish I had money to give her! What an awesome program!! She told us about it a couple months ago at PTO and I was excited but not like today. So Beth… best of luck! You have my support! 🙂