Today elfmyst and I went to Wally world and we got 13 Rubbermaid totes between the two of us! Holy cow! Crazy! I got eight of them! So we started with basement the craft/storage area. OMG… what a nightmare.

So far our totes that are “complete”
1. Easter/Halloween stuff (Fit into one so that’s not bad… no need to get another till I get more stuff)
2. Computer and cabling paraphernalia. Old parts, old printer, old wires, you get the picture.
3. Sir M’s ex military box. Cammies. Boots, Cover. You get the pic. Though personally I think we should get rid of it all. He’s not going to wear it again. Except maybe the cover.
4. Camping: All fits in one box EXCEPT the camp stove. That’s thin, can go behind the box or something. Cool Yeah we aren’t REALLY big into camping yet so we don’t have much stuff.
5. Costumes: really only have a box… But I am going to put some stuff from my closet upstairs in there. I have my gown and cap from grad. So I can do a judge or grad. I have my can can skirt. Dr Who scarf. And boys’ Buzz Lightyear and Woody costumes mom made them a few years back. I will add my 50’s girl stuff as well as my medieval stuff. That stuff doesn’t need to be in my closet year round. Feather fan. Um, think that’s about it.
6. Blanket box. Extra blankets. Always good. Especially here in Ohio!
7. Christmas box. Decorations
8. Christmas box. Decorations. I will have to figure out in January how I want those done… If one will be tree and two will be “other” or just keep them mixed.
Um, Cant’ remember if that was it or not. Oh well. You can already see the massive work though! Cool beans, huh?

I have a question, for those with fake trees, how do you store? My box is kind of thrashed… plus I hate cardboard. All ideas welcome! I actually have our old fake, and even though it is skimpy, I think I might just set it up. Just don’t know where. Spare room in front of window? Basement? Hmmm.

OK… Elfmyst pulled all the insulation down and so the walls are bare cinderblock now. Yippee… Some insulation is still in the middle of center basement… but it will be taken out for trash this week.

All craft stuff is on craft table. All craft books and notebooks are on the not as nice bookcase we put in there. Um… Oh yeah, got rid of a bunch of boxes and packaging. YAY.

Alphabetized kid movies. YAY! Alphabetized almost all the scripture stuff… only have one set left to do!

Oh Elfmyst put all the MK stuff in a plastic drawer thing. Cool. I gave her a bunch of MK stuff as “Thank you and Merry Christmas!! HAHA

Everything else in that area of the basement is thrown into the rest of the Rubbermaid totes to be sorted. We ran out of time! LOL.

Well… that’s about it!!

Oh… tried to figure out the DVD burner some more. Dh and I struggled to figure out how to move the cache… finally did. YAY. So we got those moved and tried to burn BJ Diary and it worked for a farking almost 3 hours and then it says “DVD not big enough for media.” So this is like a 700 megabyte avi. And I’m trying to put it on DVD. And I guess it is just barely too big. 5.1 gigs on DVD. DVD holds 4.7 gigs. Hmmm. I have no idea what to do next. This is what I’m using to test. But now I’m stumped. Not sure what to do.