OK, so now the only thing in basement left, aside from the children’s area is:
1. put luggage away
2. organize all books
3. go through the last four totes. 2 of these are pictures so that means decorating!
4. Remove insulation to garage to be taken to elfmyst‘s house for garbage truck. (Mine won’t pick up trash that is not in the large trash cans)
5. Sweep
6. Vacuum.

Then I have to take the last two totes and go through them. They are children’s clothing. So I figured I’d do them last when I went through all the rest of their clothes. I have several Wal-Mart size bags of clothes that are too small.

Today I also pulled out the Christmas stuff. I put up my crèche. I also put up the tree upstairs. The kid’s crèche is out. And two other things that aren’t tree decorations are up. Plus the wreath. Tonight we will decorate the tree as a family.

Oh for a side note… I bought 25 2 liters of Sierra Mist last night. They were on sale for only .19 cents a bottle! HEHE I need to go back tomorrow and buy another 25… HAHAHA