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After the six periods of creation, even Heavenly Father took a rest from his labour. Later, one of his first commandments given to Moses reminded the Israelites of this and encouraged them to keep one day set apart and holy.

Do we sometimes forget about our day of rest?  Plenty of studies provide evidence that we all need some downtime.  Living in the Commonwealth of Virginia, I remember stores not opening on Sunday and when these Blue Laws lifted.  Not the religious sort at the time, I marveled at the idea that I could shop at Ben Franklin’s between 12:00 Noon and 5:00 PM on a Sunday.  Wow!  Now the stores open just as long as any other day, and Sunday quickly becomes any other day as we try to plan our schedules around sports, meetings, errands before the work week begins anew, and family.

The leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons) recently prepared some aids for promoting better Sabbath Day observance.  This initiative sent out to members across the globe are not just for Latter-day Saints, but good for everyone. Let’s contemplate a way to make our Sabbath (regardless of what day we observe it) a day we can enjoy and find rest. Perhaps it will bring us more peace and thus our homes a little more haven than pit stop on a busy highway of life.

For me, Sabbath Day observance is not solely for Sunday.  Preparation begins as soon as the Sabbath ends. Faith does not sit around on Sundays waiting for me to pick it up when I have the time.  Each week is a little different based on what touched me most at Church on Sunday, my personal studies over the week, if I’m attending the Temple, and what my activities are.

I heard a wonderful idea recently that I want to adopt in my personal life. This was a family goal, but if you are a family of one, you could do it personally.  Each week this family chose a Christ-like attribute to work on together to develop.  Even if one isn’t Christian, it is undeniable that Christ has many admirable qualities worth emulating.  What would you choose?

Some people focus on the “do not’s”, but I prefer to focus on the “do’s”.  This isn’t about sitting at home and doing nothing because everything is off-limits.  Sabbath observance is about finding peace and worshipping the Lord.  When you seek to the latter, the former is bound to follow.

–Lady O