Last month, I featured a couple of posts regarding Sabbath Observance and making the Sabbath a Delight. I thought that this month, I would talk about another way that I spend my Sunday Sabbath – Family History work.

Now, I know what you are all thinking.  Genealogy? Boooooooooring. It’s OK. It can sometimes turn out that way. I promise, it’s worthwhile as you discover interesting things. History is like a puzzle, there’s all these pieces that go together to make a larger picture. As you work on family history items, you can discover your own connection with that greater puzzle as history becomes more alive.

It’s also surprising when you find traits that go multiple generations. For example, I’m a notorious night owl. I don’t sleep a lot, and I seem to function far better at night than I do early in the morning. This is a trait I share with both of my parents.  My mother’s mother was also the same way.  In fact, I knew three of my great-grandmother’s and guess what? They were also the same way! None of my “old people” were “early to bed, early to rise” sorts, so I didn’t even know that was an elderly trope until my mid-30’s.

Check back this month, as I post more about things I discover through Family History work. I’m going to feature a few different things, so be prepared!

First up, I’m going to post a family member interview. One of the best ways to begin your connection to history and your extended family is to talk to people. I know that’s hard for the anti-social types or those with estranged family members. It is surprising how many details come out when you just ask a couple of questions!

I’m choosing to interview a family member about my Great-Great Grandmother. She died a few years before I was born, and so I never knew her. Think she will be interesting? Will I have anything in common with her? Come back and read and definitely comment to let me know! (Hint: I already know at least one thing we have in common… and it’s not the night owl thing!)

Post in the commons below if you have anything you’d like me to write about, you have any comments, or just want to share your adventures in Family History Work.  I’m also taking ideas for more great things to do on Sundays!

Family First!

–Lady O