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Last month I took a look at my January stats, as we started a new year and I set some goals for February. Sadly, I greatly miscalculated my time commitments.  Not realizing that between the regular busyness of my life combined with two back-to-back conventions that I worked, blogging would fall by the wayside.

Never fear faithful fans. As I catch up this month, I plan to share the rest of my planned posts from February (namely my January subscription boxes as well as some race information), and then catch up on what needs to happen this month (namely February’s subscription boxes).  My hope is to start getting things rolling out in about a week. My life has been very swamped.  Did I mention back-to-back conventions?

This is why looking at stats is important.  Not blogging caused me a serious hit in viewership.  (I love all of you, thank you for staying faithful even when I drop off the radar for a bit!)  I did not even get half the views in February that January saw.

February’s Stats in a Nutshell

Pageviews – 183
Visitors – 94
Bounce Rate – 51%
Likes – 21
Blog Posts Published –9
Comments – 4
Countries Viewing – 16

The good news? My Bounce barely changed.  However, with only 9 posts compared to 16, it’s no surprise my pageviews went down.

For kicks, here’s my Top Five Posts for February:

Fandom of the Month Death Eater January
{Mormon Share } Back to the Future Style
January 2016 Invasion Loot Crate Unboxing
Ipsy December 2015 Glambag Unboxing
Talk About Tuesday: Famore Cutlery 

Search Terms (complete with a link to a blog entry):
Sabbath & Family History Work
Galatains 1:3 Images
Prayer for peaceful homes

Clearly people are looking for inspirational items and loving my unboxings.  I will work on this, though I have little time for graphics work at this time. However, as I head towards the April General Conference, I believe this will change.  I plan to bring you some tidbits from that next month so stay tuned!

Why is this important? Engagement with an audience of important. Knowing what brings each view to a site is as important to now as what keeps the person there.  I typically use Jetpack for WordPress, however I am dabbling a little with Google Analytics at this time.  Which will I prefer? Too soon to tell!  Google Analytics offers a great deal more than Jetpack, however Jetpack is far easier to navigate. I look forward to the comparison of the two as well as finding ways to further engage with my audience.

–Lady O