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I surf with Ad Block Plus, like many people. The glorious side to ABP is no annoying advertisements. I find advertisements make my ears hurt and are an assault on my eyeballs.  Generally, the effect of an advertisement on me is a response of: Nope.

To get around this, now companies choose “Sponsored Posts” on social media. The greatest offender on my social media is “Dollar Shave Club”. I’ve grown to hate these people.  I cannot escape them. They annoy me.


Because they try to shame women.

First of all,  I’ve been to their site. I was so annoyed, I just had to see if they even offered anything geared towards women. They do not. In fact, the entire site and product is clearly designed for men.  No where on the website is the pink-shaming seen in “sponsored posts”.  In fact, the only hint of a whisper towards women is a remark on one of their packages that says, as an afterthought, a significant other can use the razor as well.

Guess what. I don’t want to use my significant other’s razor.  Sure, it happens.  We’ve all been there.  On vacation or realized we were out of blades or something.  But as a regular practice? No.

Furthermore, I don’t want my razor unrecognizable from another person’s razor. If I have to share a bathroom, I want to know I’m grabbing my razor and my toothbrush.  One goes in my mouth, one trims half my body including the lady bits.

Sorry, that’s just the way it is, people. I don’t want to use someone else’s razor.

Growing up, it was mum and me against my dad. However, I grew up, got married, and had two boys.  A house full of men. I learned to embrace my feminine side. I actually like pink and purple. Plus, I know it’s mine. There’s nothing wrong with this.

And then there’s Dollar Shave Club: Don’t pay the pink tax!  Abandon pink!

Now look. Some ladies may not like pink.  That’s cool.  However, don’t try to make those of us who do feel bad.  First of all, my razor is purple right now, thank you very much.  Second of all, there’s really not much of a price differential. Third of all, people can like what they like.

Meanwhile, there’s Shave Mob. I went out and googled… they actually offer products for women, geared towards women, and are unashamed about the fact the women’s option is pink.  Men and women have different skin and shaving needs. It’s cool. Shave Mob chooses to sell to both genders and doesn’t filter my feed with a crap ton of posts.

In advertising, promote your product.  You do not need to target someone not in your demographic and certainly not shame them.

And guess what.  You don’t have the power to shame me for liking pink.

And I might just retaliate if you pull those shenanigans.

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–Lady O

*Disclaimer* I don’t actually subscribe to either service. I’m just an annoyed consumer.