This week I was checking out my  stats and I looked in to impressions.  It’s interesting to see the impressions across the internet.  You get impressions on your tweets, your Facebook stats, adverts, and etc.

Impressions are how many people see your stuff.  However, the question is, how many impressions does it take to get a click? Apparently a lot.

My Costumers’ Guild FB page receives a variety of impressions depending on the content.  Meanwhile my last tweet with a picture of the Temple received 47 impressions.  I haven’t been as super active on my blog due to being overly swamped, but I know I can regularly get several hundred viewers.

I don’t focus as much on numbers as I do on actual interactions.  I like to record and share my life.  Life can be crazy, sad, happy, tough, and exciting.  It’s always an adventure, and the best part about any adventure is the opportunity to share it with others.  It’s about the journey as much as what you do with it.

–Lady O